The People vs Joe Karam: pre-trial hearing

On Tuesday 27 August parties convened for a pre-trial hearing to discuss some matters of process for the upcoming trial and to hear the testimony of one witness.  Matters under discussion included length of trial, details on the compiliation of the bundle of documents, overdue discovery requirements, indemnity costs from July 2012 and others.  Counsel for Karam expressed a desire to reduce the evidence being put forward by the People, represented by Kent Parker, and so another hearing is being held in September to test admissibility.

The trial is now expected to be no more than two weeks and not the three weeks previously scheduled.  Open court will begin on the first day, 14 October.  On that day it is expected that Karam will give his evidence and it is possible that cross examination of him will begin that day.  Cross examination will certainly be taking place on Tuesday 15 October.


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