Judge Kean's ruling on the judicial review discovery application

Judge Kean rejected the application for discovery of some 250 documents which the applicants, David Bain and Joe Karam wanted to have access to for their judicial review into Judith Collin's decision regarding Justice Binnie's report on David Bain's compensation.  In so doing he cited Lord Bingham with the following at paragraph [149]:

"This is a difficult and sensitive question, for two main reasons. The first is that ministers, being accountable for the expenditure of public money, are rightly circumspect about making gratuitous payments to members of the public; and the need for circumspection is particularly great where the recipient may be a wholly innocent victim of mistake or misidentification or may be a serious criminal who is very fortunate to have escaped his just desserts. While the public might approve sympathetic treatment of the former, they would be understandably critical if significant sums of public money were paid to the latter. ...."


Well, that was hard going.
It appears there may be a few more documents released.