The Bain Killings WHODUNNIT? Another book review.

The Bain Killings WHODUNNIT? 
Written by Michael Sharp
Reviewed by Tina McMahon. 
An inside look into the lead up,duration and aftermath of one of New Zealand's most shocking murder cases -The Bain Killings. 
June 20th 1994, five members of the Bain family were found dead in their home , all were killed by gunshot wounds to the head. 
Did David kill his entire family and then stage the scene to lay the blame on his father Robin? Or was Robin responsible for the deaths of his family members and through his own grief, took his own life. 
We are presented with an array of information to lead us along our own paths of discovery. From the original 111 call to eyewitness accounts , Sharp takes you into the Bain Family's darkest secrets. 
WHODUNNIT ? is not for the faint of heart; with descriptive theories from the Crown & Defence including graphic photos depicting the crime scene and controversial evidence this was an engaging look into the possibilities of what may have occurred that early Dunedin morning. 
Taking a step back and viewing the book as a whole , the author openly acknowledged 90 % of his research has come from a single website , which leaves me with the feeling that I haven't quite been presented with all the facts to make an informed judgement. 
Acquiring a system of knowledge, organising and reducing a testable theory is relevant for me to come to my own decision based on the facts. This proved difficult at times as the writing is highly opinionated and you are presented with key information the author wants you to recall on a repetitive level . 
Overall a must read for any mystery and crime enthusiast , David or Robin Bain? You choose.