Brilliant.  Sometimes Karma does not wait for reincarnation before taking effect.  Sometimes it happens within the same lifetime.  Let's consider the following:  

Hilary Clinton made bold claims that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was justified because they had WMD.  Now she is attempting to gain the Democratic nomination in the face of overwhelming evidence that the invasion wasn't justified and was in fact a major disaster.  It may well contribute to her failure.  Karma.

Second, Donald Rumsfield, a key player in the Iraq WMD misrepresentation, forced to admit publicly that the information about WMD was not factual.  Reputation ripped to shreds?  Who knows but creds to Colbert for the interview and Rumsfield for turning up and being candid.

Both the above people peddled misrepresentations on a global scale.  Whether inadvertently or on purpose, they both very publicly spoke untruths about Iraq's military capacity at that time.  We now know that for sure. For Hilary, doing that is going to affect her electability in her much coveted role as next US presidential candidate.  She is now bringing upon herself inevitable results of bad decisions she made in the past.

In relation to David Bain there have been major misrepresentations made, in my opinion, and in the opinion of police, experts and witnesses, on everything from the position of the lense on the floor of Stephen's room to the ability of David Bain to sing.  The counterspin website exists to counter some of the representations made and to provide counter explanations that are equally if not more plausible.  Hon Ian Callinan has not had his report released to the public yet so we do not know exactly what it says, but some degree of karma is in the air.

Brilliant.  Karma is such a leveler. Especially when it is viewed as an extremely relevant anagram.  Given what counterspin had to endure in 2013, there are massive waves of schadenfreud now rippling through the counterspin encampment.  People really do get what they deserve.  In this regard, satisfaction cannot be more complete.

We cannot resurrect the past, and just like we cannot uninvade Iraq, we cannot un-acquit David Bain.  However, moving forward we can fix what we can and put into place measure to prevent a repeat of such events.

Fix what we can?  Yes, public absolvence of Robin Bain's guilt in relation to the Bain murders.

Prevent a repeat?  Maybe some kind of submission to the government to prevent so much money being paid out to amateur sleuths. Who knows?  There must be something.


Maybe a bit too soon to be talking about karma yet [not something I believe in, btw]. But as for a submission , depending on what Callinan has to say in his report, might be worth a try. 

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