Karam Claimed that Laniet was going to tell all at the weekend but the Murders happened on the Monday

Karam's claim that Robin Bain killed his family (barring David) because Laniet was going to reveal all about their supposed relationship at the weekend has one major flaw: The murders occurred on Monday morning.  If Laniet was going to reveal all at the weekend, then surely she would do this on Saturday or Sunday and the matter would not be still dealt with by the Monday morning.  As we already know, David Bain at no stage testified that he believed that his father had an incestuous relationship with Laniet or even suggested that it was possible.

In making this claim, Karam also ignores other first hand witness testimony that David Bain pressured Laniet to stay at Every Street rather than Taeri (where she normally resided) to attend a family meeting that weekend.  Despite this testimony David at no stage mentioned a family meeting.