Karam gets six out of six

In his booklet "Innocent!",Karam lists six pieces of evidence as gone.

1.Gone are the bloody fingerprints on the rifle.They were made in animal blood and put there sometime before the killings.


2.Gone is the proposition that he turned the computer on and wrote the message -he was not home when the computer was activated.


3.Gone is the incriminating lens found beside Stephen's body as evidenced by Detective Weir's testimony under oath and photo 62.There is no lens in the photo and Weir has now admitted he was wrong and misled the jury.

Now known to be WRONG!

Gone is the fact that Robin Bain's fingerprints were not identified on the rifle[abridged].


4.Gone is the Crown proposition that only the murderer could have heard Laniet making gurgling noises.Expert and anecdotal evidence makes it clear that corpses do emit gurgling type sounds.Furthermore,Crown forensic evidence relating to the sequence of shots that killed Laniet has been exposed as hopelessly incompent and fallacious.

Corpses have been known to emit gurgling sounds,but not those shot in the manner that Laniet was shot ,so


Crown exposed as hopelessly incompetent.


6.Gone are the luminol bloody footprints.The suppressed photos show no footprints,but if they did exist they fit Robin Bain's foot size,not David's.

WRONG in that there are no footprints.Inconclusive so far as foot size is concerned.