Karam said Davids mothers glasses of no use to David.

On page 114 in Joe Karam's book David and Goliath there is this misinformation! [Quote] David was prematurely arrested, imagine the difference in police positioning had they already known on the Friday morning that these glasses were previously David's mothers and "OF NO USE TO HIM"    [end quote]

This is completely contrary to what David himself admitted' he said that he used the old pair of his Mother’s glasses when his were not available for going to lectures and watching TV.

And then there is this from David’s first trial-

Katherine Bridgman: optometry evidence:

[131] Ms Bridgman is a Dunedin optometrist. On 9 October 1992 she examined David Bain. Her recollection of the examination is based upon business records, rather than her personal recollection. Her witness statement contains observations concerning his eye-sight as at that time and describes the glasses which she prescribed. [David Bain] told me he was wearing his mother’s prescription at present. By prescription he meant glasses. On the occasion of the consultation in 1992 the accused had broken his own glasses.

Joe Karams Book was reprinted in 2007 but these errors were not corrected.

The Police Complaints Authority Report into the Arrest and Prosecution of David Bain claimed that Karam made hundreds of errors, omissions and misrepresentations in David and Goliath.  In the 2007 reprint, this report was not even acknowledged let alone any of the errors addressed.  The report is acknowledged in Bain and Beyond, but dismissed without discussion on the basis that it was biased.