Interview with Michael Reed and Peter Williams regarding Compensation


Two of my favorite lawyers,

Two of my favorite lawyers, YEA RIGHT ALMOST MADE ME PUKE!!

Interesting Interview

I've just listened to this interview. Reed doesn't sound too confident of the compo, but it looks as if he's going to pressure key. Williams hasn't changed a bit. He defended Mr Asia and got him off charges of drug importing and distribution - oh, yes - he was 'innocent' too as was later revealed. . 

When was it done?

When was this recording done?

See it was published on in July so its old news?

Broken link?

Kent, has this article been disabled?

it works ok for me.

hi. i just tried this link this morning and it works fine  for me. haven't had a chance to listen yet. will do that this evening. cheers


Has anyone got this on disc or tape?