Paul Holmes: Bain case was Karam's 'magnificent obsession'

Article by Paul Holmes 2:30PM Sunday Jun 07, 2009.

Relevant quotes from this article include the following in reference to Joe Karam:

The difficulty of being a friend of Joe – and we all found this, I think, those who were close to Joe – was that you had to accept that the David Bain case, and what he saw as a battle for justice, had taken over Joe's life. There was a long period in the late 90s and the fi rst few years of this century when there was no conversation to be had with Joe that was not about David Bain. Joe was so committed to his cause, and so dedicated as to seem obsessed. Well, he was obsessed. Occasionally, I would think of saying to him when we caught up to unwind on a Friday night: "Can we be friends who don't talk about David Bain all night? Is it possible for us to communicate outside this Bain business?"

But I never did. I could never bring myself to. I did not say anything because it would have seemed to demean what he was doing. And I always thought that if I were in David Bain's position, and if I had not killed anyone, than I would want someone like Joe Karam obsessing about me, fi ghting for me day and night, spreading the word every time he opened his mouth. But I suppose there was a time when people avoided Joe. And there were a couple of times, when what I said on the radio and what I wrote in newspapers crossed the line demanded by my jobs. I had, however, tremendous admiration for him, just as I admire anyone who battles so courageously for the underdog. Joseph is a good man, possibly a great one, but he is also an intense man.

And this about Robin Bain, which it has to be said is quite wrong to say with such certainty because insufficient evidence exists:

His wife had booted him out of the home. He had long been having sex with his teenage daughter, an incest that may have begun before she reached her teens. As a relieving headmaster he lived in a filthy, broken-down caravan. Laniet was going home to tell the family everything, she told several people. It was all coming to a head.