Bain Legal Team is working Pro Bono

According to the Otago Daily Times, Joe Karam claims that the Bain defence team is working pro bono.  Karam estimates, that they have done $400,000 worth of work since the compensation claim was lodged in 2010.  Karam does not say whether or not it includes his time as well, although in this audio, he indicates that he is working for nothing as well.

On Page 20 of David and Goliath, Karam states that he signed an agreement sharing half of the proceeds with David Bain of "any books, magazine articles and the like", or "any proceeds that might arise" for the purpose of "recouping the money" spent on his defence.  There has been no indication that this agreement or a similar agreement no longer applies.  The compensation bid is estimated to be worth up to 2 million dollars once $100,000 for each of the 13 years' of imprisonment and $600,000 for lost inheritance are factored in.  It would not be unusual for David Bain to pay back his legal team should he be awarded compensation especially given Karam's agreement with David Bain.  In that respect, since success in this case will lead to the availability of substantial funds, it might be more correct to refer to the defence team work as being pro rata rather than pro bono.