Bain Retrial Jury Member Speaks Out

TVNZ has broadcast an interview with a member of the jury that took part in the 2009 retrial.  In this programme, the juror reveals material previously published here on counterspin regarding the behaviour of some of the jury members during the retrial in which jury members did things which they were explicitly told not to, such as view and even bring into court, documents taken from Joe Karam's website and visit Every St, the scene of the crime.

The Sunday programme can be viewed here.

Members of counterspin and Justice for Robin Bain maintain that there is a possibility that some members of the jury were influenced by the very public Bain campaign and were thus prejudiced towards the plaintiff, David Bain.

Update: The Solicitor General has indicated that he will have a look at the claim made by this jury member.

Further update: Crown Law are looking into a possible breach of court rules as a result of the jury member's broadcast.


Just shows what a farce the second trial was.