David Bain gets a Grilling in Perth

David Bain has attended an International Justice Conference being held in Perth over the weekend 10 - 11 March, during which he made a speech. 

The full speech David gave at the conference

Extracts from the speech

Following the speech, during a press conference, David appeared in front of reporters in the public for the first time.  Steve Marshall from TVNZ was there.  He asked a number of questions, including:

Marshall: Did you kill your family?

Bain: [Looks blankly for a few moments]

Karam: I'm going to answer that question.  It is a ridiculous question.  David just spent an hour telling you that he didn't.

Marshall: Joe, this is a question to David, thank-you.

Bain: I'll answer that question by saying, haven't I answered it?  Have I not answered that question for you enough?  I've done the interviews, I've just given you my speech. 

Then later:

Marshall: How do you still speak favourably about your father?

Bain: [Looks blankly for a few moments]

Karam: Excuse me, there are some questions here - one of the things I have to say is that David's case is before the government for compensation and he can't really discuss details about who did it or those sorts, or accusations of those natures.

Marshall: Did you tell your Aunt that you hated your Dad?

Karam: You put something to him that is untrue.  David does not know the trial evidence.  You [Marshall] are misrepresenting the trial evidence

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Edit 27 May 2012: A correction to this article, it was Steve Marshall and not Martin Van Beynen who asked the questions to David Bain cited in this article.



Yes,the conversation with his aunt can be found on pages 97 & 98 in Mask of Sanity.David's aunt,Valerie Boyd ,was giving evidence.She said that David said he hated his father.But it could be construed as him saying he hated his father for killing his family,because after saying that he said "If Dad has done this I can never forgive him,and that's a terrible burden to carry round to the end of your life."So he could have been saying he hated his father for leaving him with a terrible burden.

the words have to be taken in context and how close together the two statements were made. The stattements really are strange as they seem to be in the wrong order. But that there was tension between the two is evidenced by the dispute over the chain saw as I'm pretty sure that was not an isolated and single event 

I watched the TV Coverage of this event and the question that occurred to me was "How long can David Bain go through life with Karam at his side to protect him from uncomfortable questions?"  It appears to me that in a sense David Bain has left one prison for another.  He is unable to speak freely for himself.  Surely he has eventually to man up and if his freedom is to be valuable to learn to stand on his own two feet.  What age is he now?  How will he get on when Karam departs this Earth?

According to one of David Bain's aunt's Bain said he hated his father and that he was sneaky,etc. When he was cross-examined about that at the first trial he agreed that he had probably said that.
So my assumption that it had something to do with his father  leaving him with a terrible burden is incorrect.


"David doesn't know the trial evidence."       Well excuse me but who was that sitting in hte dock during BOTH trials??? 

If I was wrongfully accused, wrongfully convicted then acquitted, then I would know every word of the trial evidence and who said it!

In reply to by Denise Cameron


We all know that David Bain is able to "zone out".So while the evidence was being presented he obviously "zoned out" or went into a trance.At the first trial he would have zoned in and out.Maybe at the retrial as well.If a witness or expert said anything that was favourable to him he would zone in.If a witness said anything that wasn't favourable to him he would zone out.He was probably zoned out when his aunt gave her evidence about those glasses.

Ha, good comment.  The real reason in my opinion is that the "evidence" is mostly the invention of one Joe Karam, which he is constantly reinventing, and doesn't always have the time or opportunity to report to David.  As I have said previously, Karam thinks he has some sort of monopoly on all the evidence in the Bain case, and is the self-appointed expert who is the only "chosen one" able to report truthfully on it.  That is all terribly defamatory I know, and I am sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings, but it is way beyond the time to get real.


Karam said "David does not know the trial evidence".    

What is the difference between the "trial evidence" and  the real evidence if David doesn't know the trial evidence. 


Perfect now Kent, by the way it just goes to show the level of doubt about David's innocence by TVNZ with Steve Marshall not beating about the bush but coming straight out and confronting David with the question, Did you kill your family? this just after David had made his speech, David's answer was as usual not the normal response one would have expected from a truly innocent person.


Yes, I made the obviously false assumption that only Van Beynen would ask such a direct and controversial question, but then I did think it a bit odd at the time that the questions were on TV since Van Beynen works for a newspaper.  So, it looks like there are quite a few journos exploring the same line of questioning.


Apparently it was Martin Van Beynen who asked the question "How do you still speak favourably about your father?".