David Bain Interview on 60 Minutes 4 March 2012

Last week 60 Minutes had an interview with Joe Karam about the Bain case and this week it is David Bain's turn.  This, apparently, is the first ever TV interview of any length of David. Interestingly, TV3 was also responsible for having the human lie detector expert comment on David Bain (right at the end of this video), in 2009, however there wasn't sufficient video footage for him to make a comment, except the following:

Interviewer: "He has never given an interview on television"
Ekman: "Smart guy I wouldn't either."
Interviewer: "You think that would be a lot more telling?"
Ekman: "Oh yeah"

In the run up to the interview, there has been the following news articles:

The Press, in which the comments make interesting reading.

Stuff, in which David Bain is reported as saying "I wasn't there" and in which Martin Van Beynen's reservations about the case are also published.

The interview can be watched here.

During the interview, in relation to the family deaths, David Bain pleads "I was not there. It has been proven. I did not kill my family. Why not leave me alone to get on with my life."  He also refers to his siblings in the present tense when saying:

"Thinking back over a lot of the circumstances I don’t know how I got through them. I can only thank my upbringing, my family, my Mum and Dad [who] helped us with our education, with our upbringing, with university studies and helped us become the people we are. And somewhere in there I guess was the learned strength and courage that they both had."

Feedback on the Interview:

Mike Hosking, who enthusiastically backs compensation for David Bain thinks the interview was too soft and that more penetrating questions should have been asked.

More reviews can be found here: