David Bain's Defence cost $3.3 million in Legal Aid


I would suggest that the $250,389 figure be shown under two headings.

Original Trial [1995]    $149,181
Court of Appeal [2001]$101,208

By doing this it highlights the over 1500% increase between the legal aid paid for the first trial and the legal aid paid for the retrial.
And the wording on the blog will need to be altered accordingly.

This is how that other figure was made up.

Court of Appeal    $97118
Privy Council       $113847
Supreme Court     $77495

The Court of Appeal and Privy Council proceedings were in relation to pre-trial matters for the retrial.
The Supreme Court matter was an appeal of a judges decision in relation to the conduct of the retrial.

Just out of curiousity are the figures for the two appeals and Privy Council between 1995 and 2001 included  or separate from the 2001 figure  There has been 3 CoA and two Privy Councils  pre trial 2