Double Victory for Justice for Robin Bain, Counterspin and Free Speech

On July 18 - 19 was scheduled a hearing for two preliminary applications, one from Joe Karam which was to strike out most of the Justice for Robin Bain defences, including truth and qualified privilege and one from Justice for Robin Bain which was to question the tenability of hundreds of items in the claim.  Neither application will now be heard and both have been essentially dropped.  Karam has dropped his application, and has changed his claim in response to the application from Justice for Robin Bain and therefore any reason for the hearing taking place as scheduled no longer applies.  Instead there will be a shorter hearing on 18 July to deal with outstanding discovery issues from last year.  Discovery is a legal process whereby each party reveals documents relevant to the case.


Wonderful news Kent.


On the minus side, I guess it stops all this from going public.


On the plus side, I guess it's gonna save a lot of further legal expenses! - and indeed is a victory for JFRB et al.


I recommend you consider a media publication re this.


Cheers,  Duncan.

Duncan, the claim is still going ahead and all indications are the media will be taking an interest.  These are just preliminary proceedings, where each party tries to knock out something from the other party's pleadings.  The next thing the media will be interested in is the date for the proposed trial.

I wonder if Karam is prolonging things and hoping that a positive compo desision will help to bolster his defamation case. By rights he should be sadly disapointed.

Ok,next week both parties will try and reduce each other's pleadings.
I don't really understand how that works.
I mean that if you plead that a certain post that was made is justified for whatever reason,Karam can say that reason is not valid and maybe have it removed?
I am probably barking up the wrong tree.If so ,could you please enlighten me.

First, this is a public post, so I had to remove part of your comment.

The double victory means that both the applications are off the table.  All we are doing now is to discuss discovery, which is where each party reveals documents relevant to the case that they control and which are not public.

Ok.I understand the bit about this being a public post. I forgot about those padlocks.Sorry about that. Not that anybody is likely to be looking in,but you never know.
But what do you mean by "both applications are off the table"?.
And what do you mean by "documents relevant to the case that they control"?
Maybe you had better answer under a private post section.


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I have been researching on the internet to try and find out just how many lawsuits have actually been filed by Karam for defamation, how many threats of lawsuits have been made and how many people actually folded in the first instance and paid him gazillion dollars to avoid a lawsuit. So far I have come up with about 4. Can anyone give me accurate figures please??