Judicial Settlement Conference 2 July

A date has been set down for a settlement conference between Karam, Parker and other parties directly involved in the legal action taken against Justice for Robin Bain Group and counterspin.

Karam is keen to have a settlement conference and has initiated this event which is to be on 2 July 2012 in the High Court in Auckland and will be presided over in front of an associate judge.

In other events, Parker and Co. have submitted an application to remove parts of Karam's defamation claim where meanings have been applied to comments which are not tenable.  This is a detailed application which sets our precedents where judges have ruled that limits should be set on what meanings a plaintiff in defamation proceedings can allow in a claim.  For instance if a statement in dispute goes something like this "Joe Bloggs deceived the public by failing to reveal all the details", this cannot be construed as "fraud".  While in informal speech we might find cause to describe such behaviour as fraud, in the court room meanings have to be more precise than that.  Fraud normally involves a direct action (rather than omission), and is a criminal activity, neither of which apply to that statement.

In response to this application, Karam has volunteered to make an amended claim with the meanings corrected, however, despite that, the application is still scheduled to proceed. 

Of course, if all parties reach settlement on 2 July then there will be no need for any further hearings!


Stay strong brothers, 

Evil will not triumph, for we are good men and our cause is true.