Justice Binnie to Interview David Bain

Justice Binnie will interview David Bain in July in relation to the compensation bid currently before the government.  David Bain will be accompanied by representatives.  Justice Binnie also intends interviewing Milton Weir and Jim Doyle, two policemen who took part in the original investigation.  Both have since left the police force.




That puts paid to any ideas that the compensation claim might been coming close to being settled one way or the other.
I am pleased to see that Binnie is going to interview Bain. I don't quite know why Bain has to be accompanied by representatives,one of whom will obviously be Karam. I hope Binnie doesn't let Karam try to take over. But I am sure Binnie won't stand for any nonsense. He is too experienced for that.
It appears neither Weir or Doyle have actually agreed to be interviewed,but surely they will.

I guess as it is not really a formal inquiry it will have very limited powers to make anyone appear and be questioned. Could it be that the Justice wants to get to the nub of why Mr Karam was so critical of them in his books and believes they have a right to defend themselves from his allegations.


Hon Robert Fisher QC chose to interview Rex Haig in order to access his claim for compensation and that is why Binnie will be interviewing Bain. I don't know if Haig had any minders present.

I see the Crown will be represented at the interview but will not be able to ask direct questions, so I would guess the same rules would apply to the Bain support people. I'm guessing proxy answere will not be accepted either 

I would really like to be a fly on the wall at that interview, watching to see how Karam will try to answer for David. I wonder, will there be a transcript of this meeting available after the fact?

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on R v Haig, he had his lawyer present and I would presume the procecution was there as well  Again I would imagine the interview is more to allow the inquirer to assess the demeanor and body language of the applicant. A fly on the wall would be a privileged spectater  madmac has had his say on the development  and appears to believe Weir and Doyle will be in deep poos



This must mean that Weir and Doyle have agreed to be interviewed by him. I just hope that Doyle has done some homework to refresh his memory,because he made some basic errors when cross-examined at the retrial. Weir should be ok,because he has written a book on the murders,which he hasn't been able to publish as yet.


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Yes - he was in Dunedin and interviewed both Weir and Doyle.  Both have refused to comment publicly. Weir is a clever man and has an excellent grasp of the evidence. I don't know Doyle but I am told he is an intelligent, affable man. My guess is that they will have acquitted themselves well and Justice Binnie is clearly no slouch.  I would imagine he could easily detect bullshit at 20 paces!

My understanding is that DB will be allowed to have representatives present (probably Karam and Reed) but they will have to remain silent.

The hard evidence against DB is overwhelming. The Bain camp must be very concerned. This is no longer a propaganda exercise to win the hearts and minds of the Jury members.  Justice Binnie is a hard headed realist and will not be swayed by the Karam version of the truth.

Time will tell but my gut instinct is that the tide has turned and DB will soon be high and dry.