Karam makes a complaint against a comedy item due to be screened

Joe Karam recently complained to TV3 about the name of a dog that was due to be shown in a comedy programme on that channel.  The dog's name was to be Lundybainwatson, allegedly because these are three well known criminal cases.  Karam had the following to say:

"It was not simply just a complaint in terms of the guilty association it put on David Bain's name, but I thought the whole idea was in bad taste in general. It was wrong to include David between the names of two people who were convicted of extremely bad offences. But it was also offensive to the next of kin and families involved in all three cases to have this brought up as though it is something funny."

TV3 producers have agreed to change the name of the dog and the relevant lines will be redone.

Update 30 May: In the Dompost TV Guide published this week there is a write up of that new series "Hounds" as follows:

"This brilliant comedy stars Toby Sharpe as Will,a self absorbed lawyer who suddenly inherits a house,a half sister Lily,a greyhound [originally called Lundybainwatson until David Bain supporter Joe Karam complained] and it's trainer Marty.