Police Investigation into Darryl Young: Untruthful Evidence

The evidence put forward by copier salesman, Darry Young, in the 2009 Bain retrial has been found to be untrue on a number of points:

  1. It was not Darryl Young who sold the copier to Robin Bain
  2. Robin Bain did not stay overnight at the Taieri Camping Ground
  3. Robin Bain's commer van did not have person access through the rear doors due to internal fittings that blocked the way.

Following is a report by the investigating officer into the testimony provided by Darryl Young at the retrial.  The investigation concluded that untruthful evidence was given at the retrial.



I have completed the investigation into the evidence given by Mr Daryl Young in the retrial of David Bain in 2009 and the questions raised in the programme entitled "Investigator Special: The Case Against Robin Bain".

I have concluded that untruthful evidence was given by Young. The investigation was referred for legal" advice as to whether there was sufficient evidence to support a prosecution for Perjury. It was determined that no criminal charges would follow.

The investigation highlighted through interviews and location of documents the following.

Purchase of Photocopier from U-Bix, 1989:

  • On 8 August 1989 Mr Young sent a letter to Joan Parish, the Chairperson of the Taieri Beach School Board of Trustees, stating, "Further to our recent telephone conversation please find enclosed brochures and pricing details on U-Bix 1012 as the replacement of your existing Sharp 750 as promised."
  • At that time the Principal of the school was a David Blair.
  • On 11 April 1990 the minutes of the Board of Trustees indicate that Mrs Parish delegated a shortlist of machines on offer.
  • On 21 May 1990 a pre-installation report was prepared for the delivery of the U­Bix 1500Z photocopier with the delivery date being 21 May 1990 and the salesperson as Young.
  • On 23 May 1990 the minutes indicate they had updated the machine to a Konica U-Bix 1500Z and U-Bix sold the old copier on their behalf.

Employment. Robin Bain:

  • On 27 June 1990 the Board of Trustees received a letter from the Principal, David Blair, requesting a leave of absence from 13 August 1990 to the beginning of term 1, 1991.
  • On 10 August 1990 a special meeting was held where the Board of Trustees' minutes indicate. "Appointed Mr R Bain, Relieving Teacher, 20 August to 27 August 1990, Relieving Principal, 10 September to the end of term 3, 1990."
  • On 12 December 1990 Robin Bain was confirmed in the Principal's position for the 1991 year by the Board of Trustees.

Purchase of Photocopier from U-Bix, 1993

  • Attached to the minutes of the Board of Trustees dated 27 April 1993 is the Principal's report prepared by Robin Bain. This indicates "Ian Arthur, V-Six, visited and discussed the benefits of renting a photocopier instead of owning one."
  • There is various documentation between U-Bix and Robin Bain on behalf of the Taieri Beach School, including a letter on 17 June 1993 that includes, "If you confirm the order for either machine before 30 June 1993 U-Bix will provide the first 10,000 copies free of charge as promised. "
  • On 30 June 1993 a U-Bix Business Machines Umited customer order was prepared in the name of Taieri Beach School, with the salesman as Arthur. The preferred delivery date was 2 July 1993 and the actual delivery date the same.

Robin Bain

  • A number of people were interviewed regarding Robin Bain's teaching performance at Taieri Beach School, including Board of Trustee members, fellow teachers and administrative staff at the school, and parents. They indicate that Robin Baln was not a heavy drinker or womaniser.
  • Robin Bain was described as a good teacher whose class was not out of control.

Robin Bain: Use of Vehicle

  • Robin Bain was known to have initially driven a motorbike when he started teaching at Taieri Beach School and then later began using the Commer van.
  • A number of the people interviewed were aware that Robin Bain was living in his van for periods of time in lay-bys between Dunedin and Taieri Beach. He never stayed overnight at the Taieri Beach Camping Ground.
  • The previous manager of the Taieri Beach Camping Ground was interviewed and confirmed the fact that Robin Bain never stayed at the camp ground. The husband and wife couple would check the premises in the evening and the following morning to obtain fees from campers. If Robin Bain had been staying there they would have received fees from him.

Commer Van

Photographs available of the van clearly show that access to the interior is through a side door and this was confirmed through interviews of staff members at Taieri Beach School.