The Government has agreed to a delay and emails have been released

Cabinet has agreed to a formal request from David Bain to delay its consideration of his application for compensation for claimed wrongful conviction and imprisonment, says Justice Minister Judith Collins.

“Mr Bain is not entitled to any compensation as his application falls outside Cabinet guidelines. The process for considering Mr Bain’s application and any decision regarding compensation is entirely at Cabinet’s discretion.

The Bain defence team requested the delay on the back of the judicial review that they have applied for, which is likely to take several months to complete.

Furthermore, emails relating to the judicial review, between Justice Binnie and the Minister of Justice, have been released.


I wonder who requested the emails under the Official information act? (not) and when ordinary people will get to see them


I think the Bain team is waiting for a Labour government

Yes, I wonder who actually requested them.  Anyone can do so provided that a good reason is supplied and people who receive them are not obliged to publish.  Maybe they will end up getting published somewhere, sometime, especially after the judicial review for which reason, they may well be suppressed from full publication.

My understanding is that the ODT requested those emails via the OIA.
It would appear that no-one knows how the media became aware that Binnie had found Bain innocent on the BOP's.
It aso appears that Binnie was told verbally at a meeting last September that his report was going to be peer reviewed. He says he does not remember being told that but basically accepts that he was told.