The Investigator Special- The Case Against Robin Bain: Bryan Bruce

Bryan Bruce has spent the best part of a year putting together another documentary in the Investigator Series, this time to examine the evidence against Robin Bain in the Bain family murders.  The documentary includes new information.

It is screening on July 6 at 9.30pm on TV1.


The Original Doco

it is a shame the original doco could be put on TV on demand  for those who would like to see it could and forget all the rest. I doubt anyone now is going to change their mind about event of the last 15 years because of one man's view in a doco. 

Maybe it will not change

Maybe it will not change peoples minds about the events of the last 15 years but it will help those that have not formed an opinion either way and theres still a lot of them out there.

It will help me heaps when I am trying to convert the enemy as from what I have heard it will install doubt in the minds of the most ardent db supporter (or should that be jk supporter as thats the only story they could of heard if they think db is an innocent man?) 

db or jk

There's no competition there it's always beem jk first, second, third and forth  If there was any concern over db he'd have penty of ammunition  just on TM alone but its just been jk posts removed. 

Good luck with the upcoming actions, truth is your best ally  I still haven't heard anything from TM an the posts of mine they removed. It annoys me that they make the decision for me and expect me to accept it. Hell anything I've said about jk is baby talk compared with what I've said about Paul Divison QC and Rob Pope  on TM and other sites and direct to both of them and not even a nibble as the defamation attempts were quite deliberate. . .and this comes out of left field.  

Them's the breaks I guess.    

The big Question

The big question is will Karam in a similar manner to the rescreening of "A qestion of justice" will get TVNZ to pull it at the 11th hour.No suprises here but none of us will stand idly by this time.

Not a chance

I can tell you Ralph, that Thunderbirds are Go!  All legal obstacles have been removed or do not exist.

Sounds like you are confident

Sounds like you are confident Kent, which is good hope you know more than the rest of us, I will be out of the country when it is screened, will give me something to look forward to seeing when I get back.

Enjoy your time overseas. 

Enjoy your time overseas.  The documentary will likely be available on TV On Demand ad infinitum.