The Smoking Gun

TV3 are advertising a new documentary called The Smoking Gun that will screen on Wednesday 26 June at 8.30pm.  This documentary comes about a month before the judicial review into the Minister of Justice's very public rejection of Justice Binnie's report for David Bain in relation to his compensation bid.  There is no indication as to what this smoking gun is but the programme is being presented by Melanie Reid who has a history of creating media events that are supportive of David Bain's case.


Media release from TV3:

This Week on 3rd Degree – New Development in the Bain Case

Tuesday, 25 June 2013, 6:53 pm
Press Release: Mediaworks NZ Ltd


Tuesday 25 June, 2013

This Week on 3rd Degree – a Major New Development in the Bain Case

This week 3rd Degree features a major story from 2012 Journalist of the Year, Melanie Reid; a stunning new development in New Zealand’s biggest unsolved crime, the Bain case.

For 19 years the arguments have raged – was it David Bain who shot his entire family, or did his father Robin commit the murders before turning the gun on himself?

On Wednesday night at 8.30pm, Melanie Reid will unveil dramatic new evidence pointing to who loaded the murder weapon and pulled the trigger.

“It’s extraordinary that this has been missed for so long,” says Reid. “But there is no doubt that it was. As you’ll see on 3rd Degree, a number of experts have looked at this and a lot of testing has taken place. I think you’ll find it compelling.

“I'm sure many people will change their minds.”

Hosted by Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner, 3rd Degree screens Wednesdays at 8.30pm on TV3.

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The blurb I have read says "be ready to change your mind", could that mean she has?

The blurb is a bit ambiguous.  To change one's mind you have to have a certain inclination in the first place and there is no indication what that is meant to be in this case.  Do we change our minds about David being innocent or about David being guilty?

Yes, the blurb is ambiguous. cyber on Trade Me apparently wasn't too happy about it, but that thread was taken down and I didn't actually see her comments. Judith on kiwiblog seems ok with it. The last poll showed a majority wanting Bain to receive some compensation so one hopes it is those minds that TV3 is going to change.
I can't see how Garner and Espiner will come up with anything of vital importance.


Just watched the T V 3 documentary on the marks on Robin's right thumb consistent with him having loaded the magazine. It was compelling evidence and can't be dismissed easily.  I can't provide an explanation for the marks other that the one proffered by the TV 3 team.

I struggle with this evidence as I am absolutely convinced of David's guilt and Robin's innocence.