David Bain has filed a claim in the Auckland High Court seeking a judicial review of Justice Minister Judith Collins' handling of his compensation case.The compensation bid is now on hold.

Update: Karam is now comparing the action of Collins with that  of Mugabe from Zimbabwe in holding "secret" reviews.

The Minister of Justice has indicated that the decision on compensation for David Bain could be months away.  The report by Justice Binnie and peer review by Fisher have cost $500,000 so far.

The government has announced that a new report on the Bain compensation bid is likely to take place.  This is after cabinet met yesterday to discuss the matter.  Counterspin has a proposal to make to the government which can be found here.

A public Justice For Robin Bain Facebook Group has now been started up, to continue with and provide exposure for the cause of the exoneration of Robin Bain.

The group is in addition to the original Facebook Group which remains private.

Joe Karam has been interviewed by Wallace Chapman on RadioLive this morning.  The interview can be listened to here.  Karam claims that most people would have been happy with Binnie's report and the matter could have been laid to rest, and that the government, police and other relevant parties simply refuse to accept the various Privy Council and other rulings in relation to the case.

Documents and emails requested by Cameron Slater of Truth are now available.  These include

  1. Advice given to Justice Binnie from Paul Rishworth in regards to NZ law
  2. Michael Guest's letter to the Ministry
  3. Police response to Justice Binnie's report

The truth magazine is running a headline about alleged lies that David Bain told about the spectacles in the original trial in 1995.

Michael Guest, David Bain's former lawyer finds it incredible that Justice Binnie has found David Bain innocent on the balance of probabilities but still thinks he should get a payout.

Meanwhile Rodney Hide has written a column in support of David Bain's innocence and his compensation bid.  Hide says:

Dean of Law at Otago University Professor Mark Henaghan agrees with Fisher's analysis of the defects in Binnie's report.  His main criticizm is that Binnie discarded items of evidence as he went along, focusing strongly on one piece of evidence, namely the footprint evidence.  He should have looked at the whole.

John Key has come out in defence of the handling of the Bain case by his Minister of Justice.

In an opinion piece Tapu Misa supports this decision.