The interview with Joe Karam regarding his latest book is now On Demand.  In the interview Karam says that he considers the original arrest of David Bain to have been "impetuous".  Karam goes on to say that he'd like to write a novel and deal with fictional material as the subject.

Paul Holmes, whose championing of Joe Karam's case in the early 2000's, contributed to celebrity status for the case, has given his verdict on Karam's latest tome.  To listen, download from here and start at 12.45. The tail end of it can be heard here.  Paul Holmes considers the book "unreadable" and suggests that "down the dunny" it should go.

A transcript has been reproduced below:

An interview took place on 21 February between Vinny Eastwood of americaonlineradio and Kent Parker and Vic Purkiss has taken place and is now online and can be listened to here or seen on YouTube.

On Tuesday 21 February, Kent and Vic will be participating in a two hour live interview with Vinny Eastwood of America Online to talk about the Bain case, the defamation suit against them, and the manner in which the Bain case has been promoted to the public of New Zealand over the past decade and a half. 

Bryan Bruce has written in support of the character of Robin Bain and has compiled a tribute to Robin which can be viewed on YouTube

In the run up to the release of Joe Karam's latest book, media have been reporting on it:

Martin Van Beynen has critiqued the book and given it a thumbs down.

Mighty Ape already have the book their fiction section.

Joe Karam claimed 235 hours during the 2009 retrial at $95 an hour for a total income of $22,325 from legal aid, as a member of the Defence team under the supervision of Michael Reed.  The 12 people in the jury assigned to bring the verdict of justice to the people from the retrial were paid in the region of $80 per day, and more if their employer topped them up, or they received extra income from Income Support.  For the same period of time that Karam claimed over $22,000, these people were paid in the region of $4000.