David Changed his Testimony Regarding Rooms he Visited before Dialing 111

When David rang 111 he clearly said four times to the ambulance sevice "they’re all dead, my family is all dead!".

However, when he made statements in the following days to the police he emphatically said on two separate occasions that he had only seen his mother and his father and that they were both dead.  Several months later, after sessions with a psychiatrist, [which he agreed started a day after the preliminary hearing in the case and at a time when he would have had access to copies of evidence in the case] he says he remembered going into the rooms of his brother and sisters and seeing their dead bodies before ringing 111.

David must have become aware of this evidence the police had against him including that he had been in Stephens’s room as Stephens blood was found on the clothes that he was wearing on the day of the murders. The fact that the police had this crucial evidence probably came as a surprise to David because David allegedly was asked a day or two after the murders by his then girlfriend, whose name was suppressed, if he had any blood on him, to which he said he didn't.  This is hardly surprising as the blood stains were quite small, and without his glasses he had little chance of being able to see them.

The evidence indicates that David has an unclear recollection of the truth.  Is this because he has something to hide, or can it be genuinely attributed to the shock and trauma of the day?  Given all the other evidence against David, it is more likely that he knew that all his family were dead because he had personally seen to it himself.

Below is the transcript of David's 111 call.

David- They’re all dead.

Ambulance officer- What’s the matter?

 David- They’re all dead’ I came home and they’re all dead.

 Ambulance officer- Where abouts are you?

 David- Every street 65 Every street, they’re all dead. 

Ambulance officer- Who’s all dead?

 David-My family’ they’re all dead’ hurry up!

 Ambulance officer- OK Every street’ that runs off Somerville street?

 David- Yes yes.

 Ambulance officer- The phone number you’re calling from?

 David- 4542527

 Ambulance officer-And your last name?

 David- Bain.

 Ambulance officer- OK were on our way’ OK Mr. Bain.

 David- Hurry up!

 Ambulance officer- Yea we will be there very shortly.  {end of conversation to abulance person}


After David had rang 111 and been put through to the ambulance service Fran Edwards the Telecom 111 operator stayed on the phone and kept talking to David Bain and was questioned at court in 2009 by Mr Bates for the prosecution.  

Q. Did you ask him any questions about what was happening?

A. I just said, um – in the conversation I just said to him, um, tried to calm him down and I said, “Is your mother – is your mother there or anyone else in the house”, and he said, “Yes, Mum’s dead and so are the rest of my family.”


So here we have David saying he had seen all his family dead in yet later that day and the following day he stated in 2 police statements he did not see all his family dead but just said that he had only seen his Mom and Dad dead.


Following are the Actual questions in David’s statement that were asked by Detective Sergeant Gregory Dunne one day after the murders. Video of Detective Dunne reading the questions and Davids answers can also be seen half way through this video HERE

Question: Having had time to think about it, can you think if you went into Stephens room at all on Monday?

Answer: No

Question: How about Laniet’s room?

Answer: No

Question: Downstairs in Arawa’s room?

Answer: No.

Question: After checking your Mum and wanting to know how everybody else was, why didn’t you check on Stephen?

Answer: I don’t know I was calling my Dad because of a feeling of security, wanting someone who could deal with the situation.

Question: And are you positive you never went into any of the other rooms?

Answer: Yes

Question: Did you have any cuts on your hands on Monday?

Answer: No.

Question: How do you explain the 25 minutes in the house before you called the ambulance?

Answer: I don’t know, slow.

Question:   Without harping on about it Dave, can you think of any reason why you said that your whole family had been killed to the 111 lady, when you had only seen or knew about Mum and Dad?

Answer:   I don’t know.


What I cannot figure out is that if David Bain heard Laniet gurgling when he arrived home,how did he know she was dead?

I think most people, if they heard someone gurgling, would presume that person was still alive.

But not David Bain.He must have known that dead people gurgle.


I think this seriously affects his credibility as a witness. Remember Laniet was a fantasist and David shared some traits with his sister, whilst Arawa and Stephen were more like their father. Why didn't David think of calling the emergency services immediately he heard his sister gurgling, instead of proceeding to Arawa's room, then waiting a further 25 minutes? Why didn't he clear up the ambiguity of Laniet's baby story instead of letting it fester, if only to give further credence to her incest allegations?

There's a podcast here of Martin van Beynen's research, which really deserves a thread of its own, but my I.T. skills are limited. http://stuff.libsyn.com/