Robin was following his normal morning routine.

After the police arrived and checked out the Bain house one of them walked around the section and came to the caravan where Robin had been sleeping and the radio was still playing. Robin did not need it to wake him as he had an alarm clock on the shelf above his bed and that was set for 6.30.

Another sign of normality was Robin brought in the newspaper from the gate. David did not deliver their own paper, another boy covered his street, and David said in his statement to the police that he did not bring in the newspaper.  The Otago Daily time’s paper dated 20th June 1994 was found on the hall table by the police.  David said he did not bring in the newspaper from the gate, so Robin must have done.

Detective Gregory Dunne questioning David Bain on 21 June. 

Q. When you came home did you bring a paper with you?

A. No.

Q. Is one delivered?

A. Yes, its delivered by Kieran Garbutt of 6 Mahon Street to the letterbox at home.

He’s usually past our gate at a quarter to six.

Q. Did you take that paper inside on Monday from the letterbox?

A. No I didn’t.

Q. {Just thinking}

David: I haven’t thought about it until now. I normally would take it in but

sometimes, if I walk my run, Dad may get it at 7am.

Q. Do you remember if the paper was in the letterbox?

A. No I don’t.

Conclusion:  This evidence indicates that Robin was following his usual morning routine, he listened to his radio and brought in the newspaper, hardly the actions of a person who was about to kill his family.

Robin had arranged an appointment for the Monday.

Ingrid Dunckley was a registered psychologist with the Special Education Service. In 1994 she was the psychologist responsible to provide services to the Taieri Beach School of which Robin Bain was the principal. On Friday, 17 June she spoke to Robin Bain and the two made an appointment to meet the following Monday. The appointment related to assistance required for some students. News item HERE

Testimony from Robins boarder.

Kyle Cunningham shared a school house with Robin Bain about thirty miles down the coast from Dunedin, Kyle said the last thing Robin said to him on the Friday, was that he would see Mr Cunningham the next Monday.