Davids state of mind preceding the murders

David’s state of mind. For evidence that suggested something may have been going on inside David Bain, the jury at trial in 2009 was invited to go further back.

About two or three weeks before the killings, fellow music student John Mouat was in a compulsory choir session with him. During the singing, Bain had suddenly become upset and climbed over him, kicking him in the shoulder as he left his place.

"He did not say anything. He went straight over the top," Mouat said. Bain had then sat alone at the back of the room with his hands clenched "like he was pacifying himself, rocking himself".

On June 11, Bain had gone to a Dunedin Symphonia concert with his new girlfriend and zoned out for a whole movement, not responding to his girlfriend's elbow prod.

On the Tuesday before the deaths, he had visited another music friend to talk mainly about his love life, it appeared. They had arranged to meet at 11am and Bain arrived while the clock was still chiming, bringing four muffins two blueberry, two pizzas for them to share over a cup of tea.

Over several hours, Bain told her of not having any real friends and said, "Anyone I have ever loved I've ended up hurting." As he left that day, he stood in the lounge and said he thought "something horrible" was going to happen. News artcle HERE

Bain also told his confidante he had regular episodes of deju vu. He said he saw something happen and "he would know he had seen it before" and "he knew exactly what was going to happen next".

Later, he confessed the deja vu was happening every second day in the week before the deaths of his family.

Psychiatrist Paul Mullens observations HERE


David's motive.

This link from free forums by "Mitch" provides an excellent psycho biography of DB.One of the best I've read.As the poster notes a book could be written about it. It contrasts starkly with the rather simplistic formulations of the pro David Bain camp, in my view.If the link does not work (and I would think you would have to be registered) then it is under "Awesome theories",David's Motive.I chose not to copy and paste due to possible copyright infringement and out of respect for the poster.There is some great stuff on free forums ,inluding this one.