The suicide note.

When the police entered the front room of the Bain family home on the morning of the 20th June 1994 they found the body of Robin Bain with a .22 rifle nearby. The police noticed some green curtains in the room which led to a small alcove-office where a computer was running, on the screen of the computer a note read-


    You are the only one who deserved to stay

To anyone who found Robin Bain dead “obviously shot” and with a rifle nearby and then read the note on the computer “which on first reading must have seemed to be the final testament of Robin Bain” their initial theory as to what they had stumbled across would undoubtedly been that of a tragic suicide scene. However after damaging changes of testimony and much evidence linking Robin’s son David to the other murder scenes in the house one starts to look at Robin’s death scene as if it was staged to look like Robin had killed himself.

There have been several pathologists who have given their views as to whether Robin Bain killed himself the majority of which including the original crime scene pathologist have said Robin was unlikely to have killed himself.

So now I would like to turn our attention back to the very unusual sentence typed on the computer “the so called suicide note”. The question one has to ask about this mysterious note is “if Robin did compose it why was it so brief? And why did it not explain the reason for Robin to murder members of his family and take his own life? And more importantly why was David the only one who deserved to stay? Why didn’t Robin spare his youngest son Stephen, “who by all accounts was a good lad and only fourteen when he was murdered? And why didn’t Robin spare his beautiful daughter Arawa who was just about to have her 21st birthday, she was also following in Robin’s footsteps and training to be a teacher as he was? Why shoot these too children and Laniet in the head but spare David? What made David the university dropout and 22 year old paper boy so special that only he deserved to stay? It makes no sense! Especially when David admitted to the court at trial in 1995 that he had told his Aunt that he hated his father.

It’s clear enough that the sentence left on the screen of the Bain computer was definitely a suicide note but after considering many compelling factors it seems unlikely that Robin Bain was the author of that message.



For a teacher the grammar is wrong and the tense is wrong

Had it been Robin it would have said "you are the only one who deserves to stay" not  'deserved' wrong tense









This one has been aired before. Ntot sure but I might have read it in James McNeish's book Mask of Sanity. It screams out at us that David is the guilty one. It is a tribute to Joe that he manages to divert people from it.



Charles, It is there on P15 of Mask Of Sanity. "sorry, you are the only one who deserved to stay". Don't you get it. If Robin had still been alive to write the note then he would have written it in present tense. That fact that it is in past tense means the deed is already done, it's all over and David is the only one left to write the note. That is why it is in past tense.