First trial testimony from two of David's friends.

Following is some testimony from a woman who was briefly David Bain's girlfriend.

I got the feeling, she said, “that he didn't want a sexual relationship".

She spoke about David’s trances. Once after a concert he sat transfixed, staring vacantly as if hypnotized, and she had to jolt him twice before he came to. They had gone to the film Schindlers list together, and he had held her hand and cried about everyone dying “He said he hadn't cried that much in ten years".

The ex girlfriend, whose name was suppressed, was followed into the box by Rebecca Hemming, another student. Rebecca had questioned David about the killings. “I didn't do it,” he said to me, she testified. “He said it two or three times with his fists clenched.

He told Rebecca he thought visually, not in words but pictures, and said Laniet “could see auras”. He spoke of his experiences with déjà vu.

“Déjà vu?” said the prosecutor. “Yes. It sounded like they were a regular thing. He would 'slip in, slip out’, he said, for long periods of time, but his body was physically still. We were talking about trust and things. He said he found it hard to trust people and to let them get close."

"He turned up one morning for breakfast. He told me they were going to pull down the house in Every street and build a new one. I asked him why he didn't leave home and he said he couldn't do that- if he left home, the house wouldnt get built. It was a dream house his mother had planned, a kind of retreat or sanctuary."

The ex-girlfriend, in her evidence, had been more specific about the dream house. At the top, she said, quoting David, would be too adjoining bedrooms with a common bathroom. One bedroom would be for the mother and one for him.  What about dad? She was asked by the prosecutor-where did he say Robin would sleep? “Dad,” the witness said using David’s words, “hasn't got much to do with it”.

From James McNeish’s Book “the Mask of Sanity” page 90.