Joe Karam is not happy with the new decision on Bain Compensation

Joe Karam, David Bain's chief supporter has come out against the idea of rejecting Justice Binnie's report of 2012. 

He denies that he is comfortable with the decision and likens it to " when someone holds a gun to your head and and says 'do this' - well, you're comfortable to do it 'cos you'll get shot if you don't."

Furthermore he believes that the new Inquirer will produce the same result: '"So long as she [Amy Adams, Minister of Justice] appoints someone totally independent, I'm 100% certain that the result will be exactly the same, and I trust this minister to react in a proper way.''

ODT has published a story here.

Joe Karam has at least one Dunedin law expert who shares his view. Dr Gallavin has slammed the government decision, accusing them of shopping round for a decision they like.  Read about that also in the ODT

Meanwhile former Justice Minister, Judith Collins stands by her actions in relation to the Bain case.  Read about it in the Herald.