Counterspin Public Forums and commenting open again

The public forum is open again here at counterspin.  It has been 18 months since the defamation trial and almost 12 months since the verdict.  Counterspin is still open, and we are entitled to counter the spin that has been spun about Robin Bain being a murderous, decrepit, unbalanced, depressive maniac.  The compensation has not been decided and the petition is still in progress.  Based on the latest news it is likely to be 2016 before the compensation decision is made which gives us time to promote the cause of Robin Bain's innocence.  If David Bain is to be considered deserving of compensation then he needs to be deemed innocent on balance of probabilities, which means that the only other person who could have committed the murders, Robin Bain, must be considered guilty on the same.  We at counterspin and in the Justice for Robin Bain Group believe that not to be the case, and we have the right to press our argument.

Please use the forums responsibly and do read the analysis of the recent defamation ruling against this site, to help you understand the ramifications of loose comments.  New posters may register themselves but for now I will administer acceptance.