111 call was unique.

David Bain's 111 call on the morning of his family's murder was "unique", the 111 operator who took the call said. Thomas Dempsey said he received Bain's call to emergency services on the morning of June 20, 1994.  In the call Bain was heard to say in a wailing voice: "They're all dead! They're all dead! I came home and they're all dead!" Though breathing heavily, Bain was able to give clear answers to all questions when they were asked including his address and phone number.

Dempsey said when people were overwhelmed by a situation it was difficult to get simple information like their name and where they were.  Bain's call was "unique in that it was straightforward". "The information was readily available," he said.

The Telecom operator who put the call through to ambulance services then testified that she remained on the line with Bain until police arrived.  Frances Edwards said Bain was "groaning a lot" and she found it hard to get information from him.  He told her his mother was dead and so was his whole family, she said. Edwards said she tried to calm Bain down but he swore at her telling her to "F... up and shut up!