Bain supporters attempt to have book withdrawn and sales go through the roof

Justice For Robin Bain supporters report being elated with attempts by David Bain to have sales of a new book removed from bookstores.

See the report on stuff, and Slater has weighed in too.

Sales have since gone through the roof.  The book, by Michael Sharp covers many aspects of the Bain case not covered in other publications.


Now over 90 copies sold. 

In reply to by Mike Stockdale


Just finished reading Mike's book.  Excellent read. Objective account of the evidence and Mike adds his comments as required.

It was an opportunity for me to review the case. I was aware of most of the content but there are a few fascinating insights I was unaware of.

I believe it is a very accurate account and it beggars belief that anyone reading this book could believe DB to be innocent.

The case against him is overwhelming - both the hard evidence and the circumstantial evidence.

The only chapter I disagreed with the author was the final chapter. Mike suggests DB may have started the paper run early and then doubled home, murdered his mother and siblings and then finished the paper run.  I dont accept that this is at all likely. The time factor is against it.

I hope Judge Callinan reads this book. I understand he is a conservative, no nonsense 77 year old. A far cry from the wishy washy liberal Ian Binnie.   Mikes book joins the Mask of Sanity by James MacNeish as the two best books on the Bain murders.


Reflecting on the events relating  to the wihdrawl it always pays to first get your self publsihed book vetted by your lawyer. Unfortnately this has to be the case when dealing with David Bain's supporterts many of whom are of the theatening and abusive kind.

From my experences recently on kiwi blog their vitriol and abuse has to be seen to be  beleived . I sense that they feel the compo claim is slipping away and the book represents a full assault on their rather delicate perceptions and illusions.Just think of it for a moment - the book repsensts the first challenege to the Karam narrative since "  The Mask of Insanity " 1997 !

BTW have just received my resposne to Amy Adams of my letter to her 5th of Feb. Nice reply but doesnt add to what we don't already know,