Robin changed clothes prior to killing himself in order to be in clean attire to meet his Maker


As explained here this would not seem a natural thing for a person to do, even a devout Christian like Robin, and there is no evidence for it.  It is simply a fabrication by the Defence to find a convenient way to explain their scenario in such a manner as to enable doubt to be cast on the Prosecution argument.

To reiterate, the following make this event unlikely

  • The contradiction between breaking one of the 10 commandments (thou shalt not kill) five times and the idea that religious dogmatism drove Robin to remove bloodied clothes to change into clean ones to meet his maker.
  • The clothes that Robin was wearing were not particularly presentable or tidy.  People who dress themselves for death usually take special steps and may have important personal items on their person at the time of death.  Robin had none of these signs.
  • Add to this, Robin's bladder was full.  The Defence argue that the adrenaline rush of all the activity that Robin is supposed to have carried out prior to killing himself suppressed the urge to pee.  However, if he took the time to change his clothes then his body would have stopped pumping and, as part of the supposed preparations for 'meeting his Maker', it is likely that he would feel the urge to empty his bladder before his 'final act'.