Robin used gloves, and specifically David's gloves, to wield the gun that killed the Bain family


The white opera gloves were clearly used by the killer.  They were found, covered in Stephen's blood on the floor in Stephen's room, having come off during the fight with the 14 year old.

For you to believe that Robin committed the murders you have to believe that he had a reason to wear gloves, and to wear David's gloves at that.  You have to ask yourself the questions, if you were Robin:

  • Why wear gloves when you are going to kill yourself anyway?
  • If you are going to leave a message saying "You are the only one who deserved to stay", then why would you wear gloves that might implicate the very person you think the most deserving.

Essentially it does not make sense for Robin to wear David's gloves, and the Defence has offered no explanation for it, therefore this is highly unlikely.