After they died I wrote poems for them and have held onto them for 16 years-  never published. bear in mind they are 16 years old.


The Light of your smile

That brightened our day

Is overshadowed and dark

Now you've gone away

Your heart so bright, your friendship so true

All we have left is memories of you

You touched our lives

With a heart of gold

Always there for us

When the seasons were cold

MAy you rest in peace

As you pass through Heavens door

Our love is with you

Forever more



The happy go lucky smile

That we saw from miles away

Always brightened our life

Always brightened our day

We'll miss you our friend

From now to forever

We miss you, we love you

Friends forever

The dear sweet girl

For whom we did care

We remember your smile

For there was none so rare

The happiness you gave

To all that you touched

Is warmly remembered

We miss you so much



We miss your cheeky wit and smile

For you we'd walk an endless mile

To us you were like our little brother,

For us, there will never be another

You will always be our special friend

Miss you forever, from now to the end

Our gorgeous wee Steven

We miss your kind smile

And the sound of your trumpet

That graced us for awhile

Our dear sweet boy

We miss you so muchAnd we're so lucky

It was our hearts you touched



Our beautiful friends

Now and then

We often think of you

How we shall never forget

Timeless regret

Could we have saved you?

Passing of time

Still we pine

For our friends who used to be

We miss you Arawa, Laniet and Steven

For all eternity



Young boy, my hero

Fought bravely to win

But destined to lose

So gallantly you tried

To exorcise your demon

But in vain

You lost your struggle

To live

Young boy, you will always be

My brave little soldier

Young boy, you will always be

My hero


A lovely post,Melanie

Melanie.I am just an old bloke,Robin Bain would have been the same age as me had he lived.But it is great to read your poems,which obviously come from the heart.

And ,yes,Stephen did put up a brave fight.Had it not been for him David Bain would probably never have gone to jail.There would have been no evidence against him.

Rest assured,long term members of the JFRB facebook will keep doing all we can to make sure there is no compensation paid to David Bain.I would like to think there is no possibility of this happening,but after that verdict at the retrial who knows what might happen.There are still quite a few New Zealanders want him to be paid,unfortunately.but it does appear the majority are against a payout.

Many thanks again for your poems.


I am also in awe of your poems.  So very apt.  I am about to investigate publishing Muddied Waters.  How would you feel if these were included at the end?


I would feel honoured if you included my poems into the book.

Thak you so much for thinking of it. :)


The honour is all mine, I'll keep you posted 

Every time I read them

Every time I read them Melaine,I get a lump in my throat! I think if they were published,there would be no doubt in anyones minds.Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Another thing Melanie,your

Another thing Melanie,your involvment has reinforced my committment to this cause.

You have obviously stayed in touch with a few old school mates and have a class photo?

How many in that photo know who the killer was/is?

You can feel proud for speaking out.