The Police and PCA Investigation into the Arrest and Prosecution of David Bain

Attached and broken into parts is the full public report undertaken by the Police and the Police Complaints Authority into the police investigation and prosecution of David Bain.

In this document the police and PCA outline hundreds of errors, omissions and misrepresentations made by Joe Karam in his book David and Goliath and in meetings he had with members of the police and judiciary.

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PCA part 2.pdf6.56 MB
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PCA 51-62.pdf8.21 MB
PCA 63-76.pdf9 MB
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Wealth of details

This is really great material.

I kept an electronic scrapbook during the trial last year, copying information from the Stuff and Otago Daily Times web pages. I had read Mask of Sanity but not David vs Goliath. I had heard the story going around Dunedin about David threatening his family with the Rifle. (I heard this in 1996). I have lived in Dunedin since 1987 and clearly remember the initial reports in the media suggesting Murder-Suicide with David as victim/survivor.

I was a bit surprised at the verdict and began to wonder if the Police had got it wrong.

Three things changed my mind.

1.  The release of the suppressed evidence. (not the alleged confession in the 111 tape but the other items)

2.  Martin van Beyans' article.

3.  All of the extra details that I have been able to gather through this Counterspin site.

I look forward to more details.