Robin's clothes were not heavily stained

On page 203 of David and Goliath, Karam claimed that he had “no doubt that if the blood staining on Robin's clothing had been analysed for blood grouping, it would have been found to be the blood of deceased members of his family. The nature of these bloody stains on Robin's attire and body is such that they could not have got there as a result of finding the dead bodies. It could not have got there from his own wound in the process of him being murdered.”.

Tests later revealed that the blood belonged only to Robin and no one else.

1. Karam claims on p168 of David & Goliath that ‘heavy staining’ was recorded in relation to the top of the hood and the right shoulder. He repeats this claim many times:

1.1.        David & Goliath p192 “I have already dealt at length with the fact that “heavy blood staining” on Robin’s clothing was not even tested for blood grouping.”

1.2.        David & Goliath p203 “The blood recorded by Lodge as ‘heavy staining’ on his green hat, on the inside and outside of the hood of his blue sweatshirt, on the right shoulder of his blue sweatshirt, on the palm and finger of his left hand, and near the cuffs of his track suit pants could not have got there from the fatal wound in his left temple.”

1.3.        David & Goliath p205: “Unlike all of the “heavy staining” on Robin which they never bothered to analyse…”

1.4.        David & Goliath p208: “Although they heard that heavy blood staining existed on Robin Bain’s clothing and smears and splatters were on his hand, they heard no explanation as to why this blood was not tested…”

1.5.        David & Goliath p221 “The police went to incredible lengths to put together their case against David, yet they did not even analyse the blood, the heavy blood staining that was all over Robin.

1.6.        In all these statements the ‘heavy staining’ is claimed to be all over Robin.   In further references, Karam refers to copious amounts of blood:

1.7.        David and Goliath page 169: “More importantly, had the police tested the copious amount of blood on Robin and detected that it belonged to other deceased family members, they would never have arrested David in the first place.”

1.8.        David and Goliath page 170: “It is immediately evident that item 12(a), that there was nobody else’s blood on him [Robin], is extremely misleading, as none of the copious blood on him was ever tested for blood grouping.” 

Detective Mark Lodge, who examined Robin’s body on the day of the murders, and recorded the presence of blood made the following observations, as recorded by Karam on page 168 of David and Goliath:

Smear of blood on the heel of thumb inside left hand
Smear of blood on left little finger
No blood on right hand
Minor abrasion on back of right hand surrounded by a circular bruise
Tiny abrasion on knuckles
Splash of blood on nail of second right finger
very small abrasion on base knuckle of left hand
Spots of blood on the blue tracksuit pants about the thigh and knee regions
Smears of blood on the tracksuit pants on the lower left leg
On the sweatshirt there was blood staining on the back of the hood, and heavy staining on the top of the hood and also on the right shoulder.

The only reference to heavy staining is in relation to the blood on Robin's hood, and since the injury to his head bled out through the hood then that blood can be easily explained.  Karam himself admits that “he was lying on the floor on his right side, a pool of blood on the carpet adjacent to his head…”. While there are a dozen or so instances of blood on Robin, collectively it does not add up to much yet Karam describes it as “heavy blood staining all over Robin” and “copious blood”.

A reasonable interpretation of Detective Lodge's description can only be that there were minor splatterings of blood on Robin's left hand, tracksuit pants and some heavy staining on the hood of his sweatshirt.