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Brilliant.  Sometimes Karma does not wait for reincarnation before taking effect.  Sometimes it happens within the same lifetime.  Let's consider the following:  

Where in the world is Joe Karam?

Need I ask?  Well, yes, actually, I do.  The compensation bid has reached its final pinnacle and there is not a word from Joe Karam.  In the past we have had Third Degree docos and Judicial Reviews in the lead up to Balance of Probability reports being released by distinguished overseas judges.   Callinan's report has not been made public, but we do know that he has finished and handed it in.  We have no idea what it says.  Surely Joe Karam has read it, if he is still David Bain's primary advocate.  

Reinvigorating the Counterspin Campaign in preparation for Callinan's Report

As the time draws near for the release of the report from the second judge tasked with deliberating on the issue of David Bain's possible culpability in the Bain Murders, it is time to get back into campaign mode. We have successfully beaten off an attempt to impose an injunction on Counterspin which would have prevented us from publishing altogether and now we can focus again on achieving the purpose this site was set up for, which is to counter the spin surrounding the events of June 1994 and prevent compensation being paid out to David Bain for alleged false imprisonment.

Justice Binnie: Is this a case of sour grapes?

Opinion: Justice Binnie has accused the government of "shopping around to try to get a report that will allow it to dodge paying up", because they have rejected the report that he prepared for them in 2012, in which he recommended that David Bain should be awarded compensation for his alleged false imprisonment.  However, the retired judge, reportedly at least, illustrates perfectly why his report was rejected by standing by his recommendation that David Bain should be awarded comp

David Bain's groomsman was a convicted criminal

Opinion: It was recently reported that David Bain's groomsman was convictered killer Paul Wilson, who served 15 years for raping and murdering a former girlfriend in 1994, about a month before the Bain murders.  Wilson stood beside Bain at the alter while he got married.  The other two groomsmen were Karam's two sons, with Matthew acting as best man.  Karam is quoted as saying: "They sort of naturally became ... very close friends.


Apparently one piece of circumstantial evidence can prove a murder case beyond doubt.  Michael Reed claims that the alleged residue marks on Robin's thumb as seen in the picture published on the 3rd Degree documentary slamdunk prove that Robin committed the murders because he loaded the magazines.

Why stop there?

Putting the new "evidence" in perspective

Opinion: Someone has noticed marks on Robin's thumb which are consistent with loading the magazine on the rifle.  If we  hypothesise that these marks are not innocent and instead indicate that Robin loaded the rifle and therefore is responsible for the Bain murders, then we also have to interpret other items of evidence in the same incriminating manner.  Some examples: