Justice Courtney's judgment is attached.  This is the damages part only, assessed at

Kent Parker $350,500

Vic Purkiss $184,500

The costs is a further judgment so both of those will go up considerably.

I disagree on most of the rulings on fact and law and will be appealing.  It became evident to me early on the proceedings last year that I was not getting my message across.  This time I avow I will not fail.  I know what the result should be and I will do my utmost to get it there.

Due to ongoing pre-trial deliberations, the trial between Karam and Parker - Purkiss is now postponed until Wednesday 16 October.  Until about August this year Mr Karam was being represented by Paul Morten, then Peter McKnight made an appearance for him.  Today it was Michael Reed who appeared as counsel.

The defamation hearing between Joe Karam and members of the Justice for Robin Bain group, Kent Parker and Vic Purkiss starts on 15 October this week.  The first day, 14 October, has been set aside for pre-trial hearings and is closed to the public.

On Tuesday 27 August parties convened for a pre-trial hearing to discuss some matters of process for the upcoming trial and to hear the testimony of one witness.  Matters under discussion included length of trial, details on the compiliation of the bundle of documents, overdue discovery requirements, indemnity costs from July 2012 and others.  Counsel for Karam expressed a desire to reduce the evidence being put forward by the People, represented by Kent Parker, and so another hearing is being held in September to test admissibility.

Justice Courtney has been appointed to oversee the defamation trial between the People and Joe Karam.  This is a judge only trial.  Counsel for Joe Karam is now Peter McKnight, the well known media law specialist from Wellington rather than Michael Reed as previously thought.  A pre-trial conference is being held on August 27 in order to arrange affairs for the trial on 14 October.

News of the Defamation case in the Herald as a result of media release sent out yesterday.

Also ODT

The defamation case will be heard in the High Court in Auckland on 14 October 2013.

The media release is here



The defamation trial of Joe Karam vs Parker and Purkiss is to be held at the High Court in Auckland starting on 14 October 2013 and going for three weeks.   The trial is to be held before a judge only.  Joe Karam is represented by Michael Reed and both Parker and Purkiss will be representing themselves.

The legal action taken by Karam against the two Justice for Robin Bain (JFRB) group members consists of four actions:

On July 18 - 19 was scheduled a hearing for two preliminary applications, one from Joe Karam which was to strike out most of the Justice for Robin Bain defences, including truth and qualified privilege and one from Justice for Robin Bain which was to question the tenability of hundreds of items in the claim.  Neither application will now be heard and both have been essentially dropped.  Karam has dropped his application, and has changed his claim in response to the application from Justice for Robin Bain and therefore any reason for the hearing taking place as scheduled no longer

A date has been set down for a settlement conference between Karam, Parker and other parties directly involved in the legal action taken against Justice for Robin Bain Group and counterspin.

Karam is keen to have a settlement conference and has initiated this event which is to be on 2 July 2012 in the High Court in Auckland and will be presided over in front of an associate judge.