David had already planned to sell the house

Three days after the murders, David Bain disclosed to a friend, who testified in the retrial, that he planned to sell the house and buy a place elsewhere.  This is three days after the murders, during a time, when, according to Joe Karam, David would have been suffering the trauma of the sudden loss of his siblings and parents.  How could anyone contemplate what to do next with the house so soon after the murders let alone actually communicate to another person a coherent decision on what to do with it?

From the retrial, during cross examination of a former friend of David Bain the day before he was arrested on Friday 24 June for the murders of his siblings and parents:

Q.    Did you talk about the funerals in any other way as well?
A.    Yep, he knew that he wanted Arawa to wear the ball gown that she was either going to wear or had worn at a ball.  That he hadn't decided about the clothes for the rest of the family yet and that he was hoping to be able to get in the house the next day to be able to go and choose, but he hadn't particularly got any ideas about that.  I’d asked about, you know, what his plans, you know, had he started thinking about what life might be like after funeral and he said that he was thinking he was going to sell the house and buy somewhere for himself so that he would have a home.
Q.    Did he mention where the money was going to come from?
A.    Yeah he was quite concerned that he managed to get the money back from the Meders, because he was a bit anxious that with the amount of money, if it, you know, kept growing with interest and what have you, they would not be in a position to be able to repay it.