Fighting Fund


Will this be put on FB? Im running a comedy event in town next weekend and will be making a deposit on monday.

Have a few of these lined up in the future.


Could you just break down the costs a little,please.
IE.Lawyers fees $.......
Karam  $ .....
Sundries $........

And what are the total donations to date?

Go here to find out why we are being sued. This could be you.

The bank account for donating to the Justice For Robin Bain Group fighting fund is as follows

Name: G K Parker

Number:  06-0645-0220553-18

Or send a check made out to G K Parker, to PO Box 8580, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay

Or pay by credit card via Paypal

Every hundred dollars counts and a two hundred dollars counts even more!  Thanks.

Donations will go towards legal fees to defend against the improper and vexatious defamation claims made against members of the Justice for Robin Bain Group by Joe Karam and in the process, to enable the public to see the other face of the Bain case, the one which these defamation proceedings seek to suppress. In addition the case will establish much needed precedents in law for all blogs and internet forums

At present we are defending ourselves in order to keep costs down, but we have the very solid help of a legal defamation expert to ensure pleadings are correct and we are moving towards full representation. We are not using legal aid.

To view the purpose of this action and the aims of the group go here. If you feel like doing more, then print out the flyer and distribute.

Thank-you to all those who have donated so far.

If we succeed and are awarded costs, then we will use any funds left after costs are paid, to set up a scholarship in Robin Bain's name.

As of March 2012:

Costs so farFunds raised