Full Text of Errors and Concerns found by Police in Binnie's Report

Yes Kent the amount of of evidence against David just reeks. Coming only snippets now but none of those snippets ever seem to point to Robin only to David. And of course it defies all logic to say that David would not have left some sort of bloody footprints because as the evidence shows he was wearing bloody socks. But somehow Binnie was sure Robin with the clean socks left the prints! Incredible.

Am I roughly correct in remembering something about David intimating he took of his shoes by the front door at the sae times as he hung up his paper bag. There were shoes there i think but were older. The new Laser[?]shoes minus blood were If  my soggy memory serves me correctly in the bedroom inv pristrine condition. It is my rather shaky belief that new with shoes would have been actually noticable in the sodium Vapour street lighting. older shoes not so noticable.  I may of course, be not only not only barking up the wrong tree but also the wrong street in the wrong town    


Bottom photo. Bain said he took his shoes off in front of the cupboard. That odd pair of shoes are in front of the cupboard. But Bain told the police he wore his Lasers. Just before the trial they checked that odd pair of shoes and found blood  on them. Because the depositions had closed they had to ask Guest if he would allow them in as evidence but he refused,saying he didn't have time to prepare .
Because they weren't part of the evidence those shoes were destroyed.

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Thanks Mike, I thought there was another two shoes some where and when one thinks about it somewhere around Every Street Anderson's Bay area may have been another two shoes like the destroryed ones only the other foot, maybe even the mythical cloth if it's real is some where close by. Is it logical or even possible in the confusion following Steven and Awara  that the shoe swap went wrong or was forgotten and the clean shoes got the ole heave ho along with a bit of clothe. Thoes shoes unfortunately missed and rightly regected by Micheal Guest post Deps are the real miscarriage of justice. 


Has anyone else come to the conclusion after reading the Justice Binnie report that he makes far too much of there being no blood found on the inside of David's new trainers.?  The obvious answer to this is that David washed the socks just like he washed most of the other clothing worn after the murders and then changed in to fresh socks. On arriving home from the paper run he then re entered the rooms and these fresh socks then were newly bloodied. 


Although I am well aware that Binnie's report is dead in the water, I think it might be a good idea to note the errors that are not shown in the above summary.
Binnie repeatedly refers to the "empty 10 shot magazine. In fact there were three live rounds in that magazine.
Arie Geursen is not employed by the Victorian Forensic Sciences Centre in Melbourne.
Binnie says that Laniet's parents were not aware she was a prostitute.
In fact a letter was found by a police officer at the schoolhouse addressed to Laniet and written by her mother which makes it clear that she knew Laniet had been a prostitute.
Binnie says that two jurors have expressed opinions for and against the retrial verdict. I am only aware of one juror expressing an opinion,and she wasn't against the verdict, she just does not want Bain to be paid compensation.
Binnie says that a police officer looked to turn the light on in the laundry only to find it was already on.
I cannot find any reference to that.
Binnie says that Robin Bain had a clock/radio. I understand that was just a radio.

If and when I find any more errors that the police have missed I will add them to this comment.
I have only just started reading Binnie's report. I have been concentrating on the Binnie/Bain interview.
I have written a blog which a few members can access by entering the key words Binnie/Bain interview.
I have entered in bold follow up questions that I believe Binnie should have asked David Bain.