Income for Karam

Legal Aid for Privy Council Appeal

For the Privy Council Appeal that he undertook in 2007, Karam drew $52,520 in legal aid, consisting of $28,440 in fees and $24,080 in disbursements.  The entire cost of the second Privy Counil Appeal cost the taxpayer over $450,000.  In comparison the original Privy Council Appeal cost $12,000.

[We apologise that for a short period the figure cited here was the $450,000 of legal aid money that was used to fund the entire Privy Council Appeal without making clear which portion was paid out to Karam, and this may have caused misunderstanding.]

Lawsuit against Women's Day

 The amount of this handout is documented on page 67 of Bain and Beyond by Karam and in the news

Legal Aid during Retrial 2007 - 2009