Robin Bain did not Commit Murder or Suicide

There is no evidence that supports the notion that Robin killed his wife, two daughters and youngest son.  Evidence that he killed himself is equally hard to establish.  There were fingerprints on the rifle, but none were identified as belonging to Robin.  The only identifiable fingerprints belong to David Bain.  While it is possible for Robin to have killed himself in the manner argued by the Bain Defence Team, it is highly unlikely, especially given the other factors surrounding the case.

Bryan Bruce's documentary The Case Against Robin Bain clearly spells out many reasons why it could not have been Robin.

The Bain Defence team's scenario is very unlikely to have been possible.


Karam makes much of the fact that Bryan Bruce held that rifle by the silencer.He says he didn't hold it lower down because he wouldn't have left any prints on it.

And I am pretty sure I heard somewhere that Karam reckoned Robin Bain washed his hands to remove most of the blood,but didn't remove all of it.

Regardless,Robin Bain would have left some identifiable prints on the rifle.

And he wouldn't have wiped down the rifle.But Karam would say he wiped down the rifle when he was still thinking of killing David and setting up the scene as a murder/suicide.After he had wiped the rifle down he had a change of heart ,and decided David was the "one who deserved to stay".

Karam is introducing again one of the defence's numerous red herrings.If Robin suicided in the manner suggested by the defence then they wern't specific as to which one they favoured.Remember Boyce demonstrated a number of positions and I do think in one of them he in fact holds the silencer. But whether or not he did is irrelevent because during the shooting spree Robin was bound to leave fingerprints and especially so if he had to correct a misfeed a couple of times as I believe the defence claimed,in Stephen's room and just before he allegedly topped himself.

one of the characteristics of intense emoptional stress good or bad is the the hands sweat  and this is one of the measusements made using polygraphs measured changes in resistance between two points where a background resistance while the subject is relatively relaxed, others include pulse and respiration.

It is sweat that result in finger prints. the sweat on the finger tip and inside of ther hand is that it has less salt and is almost cio,pletely oil based this is to assist in grip by altering the shape of the prints to make them sticky so sweaty hands would result in fingerprints just as Stephens were on the silencer. The same thing applies to the David print in blood they would be a mixture of sweat and blood with the blood more likely around the print than in the centre where natural oils [sweat] force some of the blood out. as shown by the samples of blood taken that it was possible to extract DNA from as blood and 'oil' tend not to mix. That test done today is likely to have enabled DNA from the sweat as well the blood as the sample size is so much smaller. I believe the sweat would have returned positive for David and the Blood Stephen;      

This is the give away that Robin could not have commited suicide. The photo of robin's body clearly shows him without gloves on, so why wasn't the rifle covered with Robins prints (if it was suicide). Unless Karem wants us to believe that Robin commited suicide then wiped the weapon afterwards? Ops he was dead...


I recently asked a Bain supporter if he really believed that Robin did it. The response floored me. "It's not about who did it it's about the system". He proceeded to rant about the "corrupt, rotten system". So there we have it, that particular person just wants to see some one stick it to the system, whether they have murdered five people or not.  




The above link is not working. Is Daryl Young a credible witness and does his testimony have a bearing on the case?

Daryl Young's testimony made it look like Robin Bain was drinking and womanising when he should have been at school. He was lucky not to be charged with perjury.
In his book Trial by Ambush Karam said by saying he saw Robin Bain coming out of the rear door of the van Young  meant the sliding door in the rear of the van. Had Karam bothered to look at the photo of the van in the same book he would have seen there was no sliding door. There was a hinged door and when it was open all the inside of the back of the van  could be seen.